Textures on a wall, the shape of a leaf, the pattern of bark on a tree, a shape, a color… these are the things that inform and inspire my work. Whether I will be working with clay and glaze or ink and paper, each piece begins with a walk in the park or down a city street with camera and sketchbook in hand. Days, weeks or sometimes even months later these photographs and sketches are transformed into the inspiration for the forms and images that appear in my artwork.
In my ceramic work I use both wheel and handbuilding techniques; and alternate between cone six oxidation firing and raku firing. My most recent body of work consists of pieces that speak about the landscape. Texture and silkscreened imagery work together to capture a feeling of calm and tranquility. Clay itself is an inherently organic medium and I strive to retain that quality in my work.
I believe that art can and should be an integral part of our everyday lives. Ceramics or print, my artwork is intended to
enhance our surroundings and hopefully bring a little joy into our daily lives.