CLAY (form)

I create my vessels using a combination of techniques. Wheel-thrown forms may be simply bowls, at other times they are altered, cut and rebuilt into new shapes. Other pieces are handbuilt using slabs of clay. Texture, color and imagery are added to the surface while the clay is still pliable, sometimes altering the form further to distort and abstract the images.


GLAZE (print)

My imagery is inspired by “glimpses of the world” which I photograph, edit and use to create silkscreens. I then print onto paper using ceramic slips and underglazes and transfer the images onto the clay forms.


KILN (fire)

The final step is firing. I employ a few different firing methods in my work: raku firing for my decorative pieces; and either woodfiring (an infrequent treat that I always look forward to) or firing in an electric kiln for my functional work.


Whatever the method of forming or firing the ultimate goal of my work is to create ceramic vessels that provide some joy and a space or moment of tranquility where one can pause for a breath, in our increasingly fast-paced world.


You can see more of my work online at:


Blue Door Art Association and Gallery

InternationalCeramic Arts Network (ICAN)